Rapid Milling

In Rapid Prototyping the “Rapid Milling” technique is able to quickly provide prototypes with absolute precision : by using machining centres (CNC) . The prototypes are made of the most suitable material for object usage : including technical characteristics ; which are as close as possible to the product manufacturing end result . Tecnicad is able to offer its “Rapid Milling” service : by using a High Speed CNC Micro Milling machine, including a 30.000g/m Milling Electrospindle ; as well as an optimal work area of 600x400x250 mm.
The main advantage ; compared with the traditional Rapid Prototyping techniques: is being able to use the most important plastic materials like PE/PP/ABS/PVC/PC/PA/PEEK ; as well as materials like aluminium, brass and copper.
This technology actually has a host of applications: they range from technical prototypes to prototypes for purely aesthetic purposes.
Tecnicad’s strong point is : being able to use both Rapid Prototyping (Objet Technology) technology and the Rapid Milling (C.N.C.) technique for the same order .
Prototype production times solely depend from object complexity ; and the material which has been chosen .
Finally, let us bear in mind that : the two kinds of technology described above are anything but mutually exclusive . They simply complement each other : to focus on adding value for the customer .